Today in the city Gallup 25.09.2018

Gallup canyon NM

I'm free not a jailbird New Mexico cases CannabislatinanurseCEO dismissed

cannabis latinanurseCeO. Weed CannabisCommunity.

Clash of clans

By Eliasbega.

For some of u kids that dont no how to do the handstand

U can follow us on instergram at natelynnthompson.

Cat #spicyoreojalapeno is stoned

Toni's CannabislatinaNurse Show.

VipKid Demo

Motivations in my feels

Just a morning walk where my feels got the best of me. So i showed you all my hometown.

PUBBiE Steps!

Music by DJ Quads -

The best I could do don't mind my ulgy I face

(I'm the boy) www.logan

My friend watches rackaracka on tire swing

Fortnite Battle Royale And Rocket League Gameplay

Let’s dance!

Music By DJ Quads -

I see you


All my artworks❤

Sorry this is a short video. But this is all my artworks.

Not sure


Vlogging all day


Sunset Drives

DJ Quads |

Ed Sheeran-make it rain My reaction

One of my favorite songs from Son's of anarchy the 7th season.

Heavy metal Kings featuring gortex- merciful fate reaction

I'll Bill and Vinnie Paz are my favorite group.

Motor Oil, Ethanol, Hay and Fireworks

Kottonmouth Kings hidden stash 2 the kream of the krop album review

Track 1-track 16.


Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye

It would be cool if all the Navajos saw this. Thank you President Begaye for being cool with a freestyled interview. I knew there was a reason I kept running into ...

Kottonmouth Kings hidden stash album review reaction

Petty people who get pissed at Facebook posts and talking about man values

Talking about people being petty and myself as well.

1 of the most important things in life

Gallup InterTribal Ceremonial Parade 2018 part 2

Gallup InterTribal Ceremonial Parade 2018 part 2 - Heres some of the people I saw in the crowd at the parade. It was great to see some Awesome people...

Arts Crawl

"Saturday night" Arts Crwal Location: Downtown Gallup, New Mexico Sound Effect: YouTube SoundEffects Music: Robin Hustin x TobiMorrow - Light It Up (feat.



Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremonial Parade part 1

Short interview clips of a few of the Nations Leaders. Including Attorney General Ethel Branch, Vice President Jonathan Nez, Chief of Staff Robert Joe, Miss ...

YG featuring ASAP rocky-handgun my reaction

The very first video I seen of YG was requested.

Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial 97th Annual

This is the 97th annual Inter-Tribal night parade. Its become my family's tradition to watch this parade every year. I hope you all enjoy this vlog.

Reaction video to slaine 99 bottles

My reaction to a dope underground artist.

First day of youtube

15 miles south of Gallup

My way back home.

Play-Doh head

Kind of boring.

On the Edge


I am at a new skate park in Gallup with da boyz.

Sammy c's gallup New Mexico

Inside sammy c's new Mexico.

July 24, 2018

Brooklyn and Nellz.. Shania Manygoats Birthday and Graduation Party.


Navajo Store and Fireworks.

Wild Thing Championship bull riding, Gallup NM (25th annual)

The 25th annual Wild thing Championship bull riding in Gallup, NM. With a fireworks halftime show and Cowboy poker.

Luke Bryan talking about Talent Show with Florida Georgia Line.

Thanks, Florida Georgia Line or, THub and, BK. Love you and your music. Keep it up. Love y'all!

1HP Lil C Ft. M.Moneyy

2 of the best.

Awning Repair

Repairing instead of replacing the awning on my travel trailer.

President Trump's letter to #liltoni #cannabislatinanurseCEO. ABOUT THE OPIATE CRISIS'S IN AMERICA

OPIATES cause death.

Listen to radio station C,L89

Our first ever radio station and is the best since 1989.

We helped a Mom of 2 today.....(Read the description)

Let me tell you a little story about today. Today at Big Cheese Pizza we were eating lunch. And my mom saw this Mom of 2 needed food because, she had no ...

Learn ABCs

Thanks for watching.

Florida Georgia Line Father's Day Tour 2018 Tour Bus Tour w/ Tyler Hubbard

Go to our shows, y'all, here's we're there at: Nashville, TN (Album Release Party) Monroe, GA Ormand Beach, FL We're with: The Kelley Family Get tickets at: ...
Weather in the city Gallup the week
         What is the weather in Gallup will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question