Today in the city Gallup 23.04.2019

Lowest Price On Crown Royal Whiskey

Did you know that Zia Liquors has the Lowest Price On Crown Royal Whiskey* anywhere in the Four Corners area? This week, you can save money when ...

Tito Hoover. Ep11-'19 Random 5 Questions with Uncle Gonzo

Rez City Improv 4-12-19.

Live event happening right now

Don Burnstick. Ep10-'19 Random 5 Questions with Uncle Gonzo

Kings of Comedy Show 4-12-19.

Quick school vid

Soo Im at school.

2019 Hunted House At My school


Lowest Price On Hemperor HPA

Have you seen The Hemperor HPA from the New Belgium Brewing Company? This delicious IPA is infused with Hemp and Hops to create a truly unique ...


🥶 Обед ТУРИСТА в мороз 🥶 снежная буря Автодом Путешествие по штатам США 10.04.2019

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RACs - Steve Urkle ft. Young Snipe (official music video)

Instagram: @DLgangofficial Remember to like, follow, comment and subscribe to see future content •also looking to feature some young talents so dm me via ...

Vivian the Heeler rescue

Vivian went from being dumped on the reservation in NM to rescue in AZ. Here she's on her way with her brother Vern. Ended up adopted soon after their trip.

I Dreamed a Dream.

Rehoboth Christian school choir concert.

April 4, 2019

Hammer Of The Holy Beer Review

If you like to drink really goody beer, you must sample Hammer Of The Holy Beer. Even though Zia Liquors doesn't sell Clown Shoes Beer currently, we still ...

Liberated Pinot Noir Wine Review

Do you need guidance selecting a Pinot Noir? Watch this Liberated Pinot Noir Wine Review from Zia Liquors and see why we like this wine. Make sure to read ...


Dubstep | Ghostface Killers - 21 Savage ft. Travis Scott

Hey guys, back with another video, enjoy #dubstep #21savage #travisscott #rap #dance #fikshun #nonstop #bluprint #iglide #kidathegreat.

Bad song (turtoial)

DURecorder This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link: Android: iOS: ...

Bridges to Home rez pup rescue

4 pups abandoned on the reservation around Gallup NM a few years back. These fortunate Heeler mixes went to a great rescue and at least one was growing ...


Zack singing

With friends

Facebook:Raydamien Smith Tik.tok:RAYDAMIENSMITH302 Snapchat:Raydamien Smith Instagram:raydamien_smith_302 Facebook:donna wero ...

2018 songs 🔥🔥


Budweiser Or Coors Beer Review

Which is the better beer? Watch this Budweiser Or Coors Beer Review to find out. Remember to subscribe to the Zia Liquors YouTube channel for more funny, ...

Rez Rap 💆‍♂️

Tu Sicka ain't stopping anytime soon Poetic Purpose prezents H.U.M.B.L.E. Inc's own 2 Sick #DCK #StraightUp #AllBarz #SqwadUp #NoChallenge ...

Trying it out

Green River/old Man down the road..Nesto Vega Band (3/13/19)

Shuffle my way Nesto Vega Band (3/13/19)

Love em everyone Nesto Vega Band

Nesto Vega Band..Down the road

De albuquerque A Gallup New mexico


Warrior weekly 3 ain't no half stepping

I used a legends beat big daddy Kane he paved a way for all ill spitters the original song is called ain't no half stepping.

Sports Page drama Gallup NM

Sports Page Drama after closing.

Lolololol I don’t know what I’m doing

Little bro plays along with Bang Your Head

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I Tell You All Any Thing You Need To Know About Me

Gallup Skate Park

Here are a few clips I filmed at The Gallup Skate Park. I also learned a new trick on the pyramid! A Nollie 360 flip. . . . Music Artist: Mac Miller Filmer: ...

Warrior weekly 1 quiet storm

The instrumental is from mobb deep quiet storm is the original song.

Serenade Country Boyz @ Gallup Cathedral Gym

Cover (Pink Cadilac) Like us on Facebook.



2006 Талпа

Steel Savage Radio/Valiant Soul Reese (Four Corners Music Promo Segment)

2/11- 2/18 (2019) Segment.

February 10, 2019

My first vid ever!!!!!

My first video EVER!!!

Monkey in a bath🐵

This realy weard and the voice XD.
Weather in the city Gallup the week
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