Today in the city Gallup 18.03.2018

The great Chloe gets hit😭😭😂😂


Bloody money moves lololo ode to CardiB.

Drink it everyday



Ignite entry

Business idea.

Parents don't let PREDATORS hurt your children

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Kid getting mad because the Wi-Fi

Today we're giveaway a free phone.

Mi familia in CORPUS CHRISTI @Selena

mexicolovescannibis #cannabislatinanurseceo #latinacounciousparenting #bodackyellowcardiB it's so hard being A MEXICAN AMERICAN TEJANO PRINCESS #selena #fridakahlo Latina woman rule this...


$ean Moore epic air ball🏀

filmed in gallup.

Gallup Bengals vs Miyamurah Patriots

High School BasketBall.

VR to Justin Taylor...100+ GAW

Survive the night


Kenneth M Luna jr

Trying to make another video asking if u guys like the other video.

Kenneth M LUNA jr video with figures

Figures haveing a pool party.

Kenneth M Luna jr

Kenneth jr explaining xmas and ect.

Kenneth M Luna jr video

Talking about if u like his video or not Gallups.

Kenneth M Luna jr video

When he first started playing with figures.
Weather in the city Gallup the week
         What is the weather in Gallup will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question