Today in the city Gallup 27.05.2018

Mountain Lion Sighting(confirmed)

When I was doing some business I saw a mountain lion... It was confirmed cause when I saw where it was there was a giant paw print and it was bigger than a ...


I was doing my business when I saw it jump between the bushes and it was huge... I ran for my life when I saw it... Keep an eye on your kids in the yatahee area.

Just checking in...

I explained why I haven't posted in a while and why my geese and ducks they were chicks went missing...

Daddy got taken down 🔽

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Rehoboth fight

More fights coming soon so be tuned in for later and subscribe .I didn't edit this because I was in a rush and really wanted to post something and also be tuned in ...

BRO look at those ducks!!! Celebrating because I have my SECOND Video!!

I am gonna be vlogging everyday from today for 2 whole years... Like and leave a comment, And SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON.. If you havent seen my ...

Killa M.O.E - Bling Blang

Directed and edited by Yellow Jacket. prod. by Killa M.O.E. Special thanks to the goons for making this happen and also kid Ocean for the beat. shout out to New ...

He is really good at bowling

Me and my son aidan bowling


Hey guys how are you guys doing.This is my first video on Youtube.Hahaha Jk im partvof another vlogging and that is JOHNSON BROS VLOGS. Remember ...


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Gallup glonie slide 2

Glonie eat glonie world out there...

Gallup glonie slide

He said erase.. but the shit went live!

My cringey face

My first way of becoming a YouTube.

Fire training

Friends in film.

A girl danceing


Fight of the century

Uncle vs My brother.

Beyblayed burst yah!!!!

Pranking library

20180415 Route 66 Gallup NM Recap

Dan and the Gang finish up the repairs to the 63 Corvette in Gallup NM.

20180415 Route 66 Gallup NM 2

Dan and the Gang finish up the repairs to the 63 Corvette in Gallup, NM.

20180415 Route 66 Gallup NM

Dan and the Gang are stopped in Gallup, NM where Dan suffers a major breakdown.

Warren Dorrill's Shark - 8MM Home Video

1949 Ford Club Coupe owned and restyled by Warren Dorrill of Gallup, New Mexico. Warren was a well-known bodyman and painter, and his 1949 Ford custom ...

لما حرمي يخش عشان يسرقو

لما حرمي يخش عشان يسرقو اضحك مع نجوم المنيب عبدو توتو و عمر و عمرو وعلي جمال تصوير وانتج حسن محروس.

Hi Peeps

Borax free slime♥️

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Who is he?

Go check out super toy Chris.

Joseph’s game

Vlog of2018 part 2

A good vlog

Prayer From New Mexico !?! - Faith in Jesus's Healing Power!

Hello, Chase Brown coming at you with some prayer. Rachael and I along with 3 other people are in New Mexico, we actually go back and forth every single day ...

Hey I’m back with another vlog



Bloody money moves lololo ode to CardiB.



Ignite entry

Business idea.

Parents don't let PREDATORS hurt your children

cannabislatinanurse #legalizecannabis #bodackyellowcardiB #latinacounciousparenting.

Kid getting mad because the Wi-Fi

Today we're giveaway a free phone.

Mi familia in CORPUS CHRISTI @Selena

mexicolovescannibis #cannabislatinanurseceo #latinacounciousparenting #bodackyellowcardiB it's so hard being A MEXICAN AMERICAN TEJANO ...

$ean Moore epic air ball🏀

filmed in gallup.

Gallup Bengals vs Miyamurah Patriots

High School BasketBall.

VR to Justin Taylor...100+ GAW

Survive the night


Kenneth M Luna jr

Trying to make another video asking if u guys like the other video.

Kenneth M LUNA jr video with figures

Figures haveing a pool party.

Kenneth M Luna jr

Kenneth jr explaining xmas and ect.

Kenneth M Luna jr video

Talking about if u like his video or not Gallups.

Kenneth M Luna jr video

When he first started playing with figures.
Weather in the city Gallup the week
         What is the weather in Gallup will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question