Today in the city Gallup 05.06.2020

Richardsons Trading Post, Gallup NM

El Rancho Hotel,Gallup, NM

Lariat Lodge in Gallup, New Mexico

Wall painting in Gallup, New Mexico

Gallup Cultural Center

Masonic Hall, Lebanon Lodge 22 (1932) - Gallup, NM

Welcome Historic Downtown Gallup, New Mexico

Lariat Lodge. Historic Route 66, Gallup, NM, built 1950. Style: Googie

McKinley Co. Courthouse (1938) Gallup N.M. 4-2011

Womens Multi-Cultural Mural by Erica Rae Sykes - Gallup, NM

Navajo Code Talkers Departure May 4, 1942, Gallup, New Mexico

El Rancho Hotel, 1000 E. Historic Route 66, Gallup, NM, built 1937

Desert Skies Motel, Historic Route 66, 1703 West Highway 66, Gallup, NM, built 1959, style: Googie

Native American Trading Mural by Chester Kahn - Gallup, NM

Lariat Lodge on Route 66, Gallup, New Mexico

Navajo Code Talkers Mural by Be Sargent - Gallup, NM

White Cafe 1919 (now All Tribes) - Gallup, NM

McKinley County Court House(1938) - Gallup, NM

Native American Painting @ Gallup - NM

el Rancho Motel, Route 66, Gallup, New Mexico

gallup - new mexico - USA (8/1990)

Sidewwalk at Night, Route 66, Gallup, New Mexico

ROUTE 66 - Gallup - El Rancho Motel

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