Odd News

Look: Swan hitches a ride atop city bus in England

The bus operator in a British city shared a photo of a swan utilizing public transit by taking a ride atop a city bus.

Plane spends 16 hours in the air, ends up back at same New Zealand airport

Passengers on a flight from New Zealand to New York spent 16 hours in the air just to end up at the same airport where their journey began.

Watch: Deer crashes into two classrooms at Tennessee high school

A deer crashed through a window into a Tennessee high school and ended up breaking through another window into a second classroom.

Idaho man wins $100,000 Powerball prize 10 years after winning $10,000

An Idaho man scored a $100,000 Powerball prize about 10 years after collecting $10,000 from the lottery drawing.

Look: Tree-trimmer rescues cat stuck in tree for two days

Animal rescuers in Britain enlisted the help of a tree trimming service to rescue a cat that spent two days stranded in a tree about 50 feet over the ground.

Watch: Loud boom in Texas county believed to be from a meteorite strike

A mysterious boom that prompted multiple reports of an explosion in a Texas county was caused by a meteorite strike, officials said.

Tapir wanders through Malaysian city, falls into storm drain

A wild tapir caused a scene in a Malaysian city when it went wandering through the town's streets before being rescued from a storm drain.

Watch: Record-breaking Scottish theater group staging 24-hour concert

A Scottish theater troupe is raising funds with an especially long performance titled "24 Hours of Song."

Look: Virginia angler reels in extremely rare golden largemouth bass

Wildlife officials in Virginia shared photos of an angler's rare catch from the James River -- a golden largemouth bass.

Look: Pig that 'looked cold' gets a ride home in Alaska police cruiser

Police in Alaska said a wandering pig that "looked cold" at the side of a road got a lift home in a patrol cruiser.

Watch: Demolition crew finds 116-year-old time capsule at University of Illinois

The demolition of a building on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus yielded an unexpected discovery -- a 116-year-old time capsule.

S.C. man claims $300,000 lottery prize just before leaving on vacation

A South Carolina man preparing to leave for vacation managed to claim a $300,000 lottery prize just before departing.

Look: Well-traveled tabby found 1,400 miles from home after two years

A stray cat found wandering in Kansas turned out to have gone missing two years earlier about 1,400 miles away in Florida.

Watch: Japanese zoo worker in bear suit leads keepers on chase in escape drill

An emergency drill at a Japanese zoo made for a comedic scene when a zoo worker donned a cartoon-like bear costume to play the role of a fugitive bruin.

27-year-old llama named the oldest in world by Guinness World Records

A llama living on a New Mexico ranch was named the oldest in the world by Guinness World Records at age 27.

Watch: Escaped kangaroo returns home two days later in Texas

A kangaroo that escaped from his owner's North Texas was located and safely recaptured two days later, his owner said.

Deer crashes through classroom window at Alabama elementary school

Security cameras at an Alabama elementary school were recording when a deer crashed through the window of a classroom.

Maryland man wins his second lottery jackpot in two months

A Maryland man scored a $50,000 prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket just over a month after winning $30,000 from another game.

Watch: Florida rescuers release 12 rehabilitated manatees in one day

Marine rescuers in Florida said they released 12 rehabilitated manatees at Blue Spring State Park in a single day, a new record for the group.

Brothers-in-law each pull a van 32 miles to jointly break world record

A pair of British brothers-in-law each pulled a 1.65-ton van a distance of 32 miles to become co-holders of a Guinness World Records title.

Watch: Nigerian teen skips rope 265 times in 1 minute on one leg

A Nigerian teenager put his jump-roping skills to the test and broke a Guinness World Record for the most skips in 1 minute on one leg.

Watch: 'Valentine swine' found running loose in Kentucky road

Animal control officers in Kentucky are trying to find the owner of a pig after the "Valentine swine" was found running loose in a roadway.

Look: Antarctic rower earns 10 Guinness World Records

An Austrian woman traveled to Antarctica with an expedition ended up earning 10 Guinness World Records, including becoming first woman to row on the Southern Ocean.

Israeli zoo's escaped lemur recaptured hours later

A red-collared lemur that escaped from an Israeli zoo Tuesday evening was safely recaptured and returned to the facility on Wednesday.

Escaped Central Park owl hunting for his own food

A Eurasian eagle owl who escaped from the Central Park Zoo in New York earlier this month is now hunting for his own food, officials said.