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Tiger Woods’s son can play but less clear is where it goes from here | Ewan Murray

Footage is online of Charlie Woods playing golf but his father’s approach to privacy may mean that is the last we see for nowFirst there was the swing analysis. This 10-year-old’s move, reminiscent of Rory McIlroy in so many ways, earned gasps from across the world of golf. That Charlie Woods, son of arguably the greatest player of all time, seems a natural is probably no surprise at all. Yet a rare glimpse of the child, striking balls on a crowded range in south Florida, was sufficient to create a social media frenzy. That his doting dad, Tiger, was watching on made the scene all the more appealing. Photographs subsequently appeared showing Tiger caddying for Charlie in this junior event.In the time since there have grown alternative sentiments. Is it fair, for instance, that the original film, filmed from behind trees and patently without the Woods clan knowing anything about it, exists at all? Is it a sad reality, rather than in any way endearing, that Charlie cannot enjoy the most simple of youthful pleasures without global focus? At the age of 10, regardless of the sporting legend by his side, nobody can be adequately prepared for these instances. Already, predictions are being made about the major-winning potential of Charlie Woods. Continue reading...

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