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Before a medieval wedding in Italy

Duration: 02:48
DONT show this to your woman, she will ask immediately the wedding!!!

Short explanation of food (this is the food hidden to turists):
- Ciccioli: fat of the pork, fried, helpful for the long conservation and high calories, perfect for medieval times.
- Strolghino: very rare kind of salame, but IT IS NOT salame. It comes from the discarded parts of Culatello, the precious ham.
- Crescente bolognese: a sort of flat bread, used to make the "base" of every meal. What you had, you ate with this.
- Tigelline: a kind (but actually isn't so) of unleavened bread, because of poverty.

- Music: Schiarazula Marazula. Medieval song maybe composed to ask the rain, is the death that plays for us before to go.

la lusigne, la cracule,
la piciule si niciule
di polvar a si tacule
O schiarazule maraciule
cu la rucule e la cocule
la fantate j`e une trapule
il fantat un trapolon.

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