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'The Lion King' is now the highest-grossing animated movie of all time

Frozen has held the record for the highest grossing animated film for nearly six years, but now it's going to have to let it go. (Sorry.)
The Lion King has surpassed the long-ruling princesses of Arendelle, hitting a global box office of $1.334 billion as of Aug. 11 after opening in Japan — which puts it above Frozen's $1.276 billion, according to BoxOfficeMojo.
This year's "reimagining" of the beloved 1994 classic had a pretty lukewarm reception from critics, but the combination of 90s nostalgia and present-day Beyoncé seems to have worked better than distracting a mob of hyenas with an impromptu hula. Read more...More about Disney, The Lion King, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows

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