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Jess committed suicide on my property, 100 years ago

February 8, 1922. Jess Preston jumped or fell down the sinkhole on the back 40 of my property. People looked for him for 4 or 5 days before finding his coat near the sinkhole now called Jess Hole. They figured he fell in and drowned. The family then had a funeral service for him beside the sinkhole.

In 1990 two divers exploring the sinkhole found Jess' skeleton still wearing boots from the 1920's. The skeleton eventually made it's way to his family and they decided to have it cremated and returned to the sinkhole where he was found.

Jess was returned on Nov 19, 2016, twenty six years after he was removed from the sinkhole. Scott Butsch made a memorial to Jess for his family out of quick setting concrete complete with Jess' ashes mixed in.

This video documents Scott Butsch, Jesse Hopper and myself placing the memorial underwater in the bottom of the sinkhole where Jess was found.

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