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Tiger Woods’ triumph may help clean off the stain of Trump’s golf addiction | Richard Williams

The president’s very public obsession with golf represents everything that makes a very good game easy to dislike. But then, on Sunday, came a miracleGrotesque, malevolent and a cheat at golf: does Auric Goldfinger remind you of anyone? And there’s the obsession with gold. Goldfinger’s Rolls-Royce is panelled in solid gold and he kills a woman by having her covered with gold paint. Donald Trump’s use of gold is a little less original, more symbolic than functional: it’s the colour, for instance, of Trump Tower in Las Vegas, gleaming like a huge gold brick standing on its end above the neon-lit Strip.But it’s the cheating at golf that concerns us here. One of the most beguiling of Bond villains, Goldfinger is first encountered rigging a game of two-handed canasta by the pool at a Miami hotel. When he next encounters 007, it is at Royal St Mark’s on the Kent coast, a thinly disguised Royal St George’s. They agree to play a round for money: double or quits for the $10,000 Bond took off Goldfinger in Florida. Continue reading...

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