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Mark Wahlberg finally addressed his confusing schedule — and it still doesn't make any sense

Back in September, Mark Wahlberg shared his daily schedule on Instagram, which details how he wakes up at 2:30 am every day, showers for an hour and a half, plays golf for 30 minutes, and is somehow in bed by 7:30 pm.
Of course, the internet had opinions, and it even spawned a full-blown meme where people shared their own wild schedules.
On Friday, November 9, Wahlberg was a guest on "The Tonight Show" and explained to Jimmy Fallon that the schedule was "misleading," and addressed a few of the concerns.
But the schedule still doesn't make any sense.

It's common knowledge that Mark Wahlberg is in incredible shape — he always has been. But for the past four months, he's been upping his intense schedule to an entirely new level. He frequently posts on Instagram about his 4 am workouts, among other things.
According to Wahlberg, he was told that people were interested in his daily schedule, so it was posted — not by him — to his Instagram account. The schedule, which includes a 90 minute shower, a 30 minute round of golf, and two hours of "family time" while his kids are at school, was roasted by the internet.
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Wahlberg was finally given an opportunity to defend himself when he was a guest on "The Tonight Show," and Jimmy Fallon asked for some clarification on the matter.
He explained that he's not actually in the show for an hour and half. He told Fallon, "I shower for about five minutes, then I drive or pick up the kids, drop them off, go to the golf course... There's other things happening between 6 to 7:30."
Wahlberg also confirms he only spends three minutes in the cryo chamber, and the literally fatal hour that the schedule implies.
But Wahlberg doesn't address his speed round of golf, his lack of rehearsal time for the movies he appears in, the hour of snack time, and the lack of time spent devoted to his successful burger chain, Wahlburgers.
We need more information, Mark.
You can watch the whole interview below.

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