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The 50 best suburbs in America, ranked

Niche compiled a list of the best American suburbs to live in for 2018.
Suburban life in the US has changed in recent years, and is becoming nonexistent in some areas.
But still, Americans are attracted to suburban life. Some of the best suburbs are even tourist destinations, including Santa Monica and Berkley, California.

In a series titled "The Death of Suburbia," Business Insider previously explored the declining state of American suburbs. Reporters found millennials are doing everything they can to avoid suburban life, like living on a boat, to be closer to their jobs in big cities, and that over 800 golf courses, a suburban staple, have shuttered in a decade.
But with the rising cost of living in big cities, suburbs are still a popular place for families to settle down, according to Pew Research Center.
Niche compiled a list of the best suburbs to live in for 2018 and ranked them according to cost of living, school quality, crime rates, home prices, employment, and amenity access, among other measures. Statistics on Niche's list are primarily from the US Census and represent the most recent data. The list measures the overall quality of living in suburban America. Some crime and safety rates were not provided. 
However, some suburbs on this list are tourist destinations, including Santa Monica and Berkley, California. Below is Niche's ranked list of the 50 best suburbs in America.SEE ALSO: The 50 smartest public high schools in America
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50. Arlington, Virginia

Population: 226,092
Median home value: $623,300
Median household income: $108,706
Crime & safety grade: Not provided
49. Evanston, Illinois

Population: 75,472
Median home value: $356,600
Median household income: $71,317
Crime & safety grade: B-
48. Mountain View, California

Population: 78,827
Median home value: $973,000
Median household income: $109,248
Crime & safety grade: B
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