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'Everyone rolls their eyes' when Trump talks to Theresa May because he's 'like a golf club bore,' Downing Street insiders say

Theresa May's staffers find it incredibly awkward and cringe-worthy to deal with Trump, Downing Street sources have told HuffPost UK.
The US president has appeared unable to focus on a single topic, and keeps repeating himself.
On several occasions, Trump has begun conversations with May by saying: "So, have ya Brexited yet?" like they had never met before, insiders said.
They also said Trump was "being undiplomatic and really like a golf club bore."
The report comes as Trump visits Britain for four days for an informal "working" visit.

LONDON — President Donald Trump is being treated to displays of military equipment, tea with the Queen, and a black-tie dinner at Churchill's ancestral home during his visit to Britain.
But some of Prime Minister Theresa May's own staffers find it incredibly awkward to deal with Trump, Downing Street sources have told HuffPost UK's Paul Waugh.
Over the past two years, Trump has called May several times on the phone with the same cheesy opening line: "So, have ya Brexited yet?"
A former May staffer told HuffPost: "It's like Groundhog day, like you've never met him before. It's every time he starts the call. Everyone rolls their eyes as if to say 'you know nothing,' but of course Theresa just sidesteps it."
Conversations between the two then go downhill from there.

"It's like pinning a jelly to a wall"
Trump has appeared unable to focus on a topic, and "has no attention span," a British insider told HuffPost:
At Trump and May's first in-person meeting at the White House, then-National Security Adviser Mike Flynn attempted to flatter May by saying they had agreed to her visit before that of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
But Flynn's comments immediately prompted Trump to say: "You didn't tell me that. Why not?" and proceed to lecture Flynn, while May and her team looked on, "amazed," HuffPost reported, citing an eye-witness.
"It was jaw-dropping, the whole thing, from beginning to end," a former insider told the news site. "It's like pinning a jelly to a wall. He has got no attention span, in fact I thought he had some kind of ADHD by the time we left. He was all over the place.
"And his team are so subservient to him, yes sir, no sir. It was pathetic, grown men like [Mike] Pence acting like puppies."
Even "trying to have consistent conversations was difficult," the source said.

"Naïve," "undiplomatic," and "really like a golf club bore"
"The overwhelming impression you got was this was someone who was completely naïve about the world of government," insiders told HuffPost.
Trump reportedly told May at one point: "Theresa, I get these briefings every day, you wouldn't believe it!"
("She must have thought 'I think I would, you know,'" the source said.)
The insider added that Trump was "undiplomatic and really like a golf club bore," with his reportedly saying how he didn't like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and how May was "going to love" Rex Tillerson, whom Trump was hiring at the time.
May was "incredibly diplomatic, batted things back," the insider said.SEE ALSO: Trump's trade war could destroy 4% of global trade: 'The threat to world growth is significant'
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