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Nobody uses emoji better than Cher uses emoji

Today is World Emoji Day, an unofficial (see also: made up) holiday designed to celebrate emoji and it's impact on the world (🙄 🙃 🤔 ).
And while people all over the globe are joining in the festivities — Apple just released new emoji, the Empire State Building will blaze yellow, etc. —  there's only one real way to honor World Emoji Day: Stop literally everything you are doing this moment and stare in awe at Cher's truly next level emoji game.
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For the uninitiated, Cher is a pop icon who also happens to be the Queen of Twitter. There is not a single social justice issue that Cher has not advocated for on the microblogging platform. She tweets about Trump, she tweets about the environment, she tweets about her own life. Read more...More about Emoji, Cher, World Emoji Day, Culture, and Web Culture

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