Today in the city Gallup 21.02.2018

Sheriff David Clarke is a dangerous bigot. He must be resisted at every turn | Patrisse Cullors

In the era of Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions and Sheriff Clarke, we must remind ourselves that we have to organize. We have to resist Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee – a firebrand who has called Black Lives Matter a “terrorist” and “hate” group – announced this week that he will be serving as the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Partnership and Engagement. The Department of Homeland Security has yet to confirm the appointment. If true, it would represent an overt attack against Black Lives Matter and black and brown communities across the country and the globe by the Trump administration. Don’t believe me? Just consider this gem by the controversial sheriff: “We have several forces internal and external attacking our rule of law: Isis, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street – just the most recent iterations of the elements who brand themselves as unique but seek the same revolutionary aim: take down the West, the philosophy of equality before the law, and replace it with their authority, their rules, their hate.” Continue reading...

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